The True Cost of Lax Inventory Management with Outsourced Vendors: Cash, Cost, and Patient Trust. 

The volume and value of accounts being outsourced to vendors is no longer insignificant enough to ignore. Today, over 20% of revenue is collected through vendor partners - mandating better inventory integrity controls and patient engagement processes. 

Agency Manager can help hospitals can help limit data inconsistencies when outsourcing collections

Connance did an analysis of three healthcare systems, discovering that: 

  • 23% of outsourced accounts had data issues.
  • Up to 24% of errors were in accounts that the hospital though were with agencies, but in fact were not.
  • 10% of errors were caused by the hospital closing account that the agency still had open

Download the white paper today to learn why these data inconsistencies exist and what your hospital can do to avoid them and capture lost revenue.